Good Morning!
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
THIS NIGHT: Broken clouds, 51°F
Tuesday Night: Broken clouds. Cool. Temperature 51°F (Feels like 51°F). Relative Humidity 91%. 0% chance of precipitation. South winds at 1 mph.
Wednesday Morning: Scattered clouds. Cool. Temperature 54°F (Feels like 54°F). Relative Humidity 91%. 0% chance of precipitation. Northwest winds at 1 mph.
Wednesday Afternoon: Sunny. Mild. Temperature 66°F (Feels like 66°F). Relative Humidity 67%. 0% chance of precipitation. North winds at 7 mph.
Wednesday Evening: Clear. Cool. Temperature 55°F (Feels like 55°F). Relative Humidity 92%. 0% chance of precipitation. Northeast winds at 2 mph.
Wednesday Night: Clear. Cool. Temperature 49°F (Feels like 49°F). Relative Humidity 94%. 0% chance of precipitation. Southeast winds at 1 mph.
Thursday Morning: Sunny. Cool. Temperature 52°F (Feels like 52°F). Relative Humidity 88%. 0% chance of precipitation. North winds at 1 mph.
Forecast Updated: 10/04/2023 7:00 AM
Calls To Date:
Total: 319 229 +39%
EMS: 220 (69%) 167 (73%) +32%
Fire: 86 (27%) 44 (19%) +95%
Other: 13 (4%) 18 (8%) -28%
Total in 2022: 372 (1.02 calls/day)
So far in 2023, we've had an average of 1.17 calls per day
As of Saturday, September 30, 2023
Online Burn Permit Application
Pierce County
Updated 10/04/2023
Lewis County
Updated 10/04/2023
Gifford Pinchot NF/USFS
Updated 10/04/2023
Pierce County
No active burn ban. Small land clearing burns are allowed with a permit.
Effective 10/03/2023 12:00 PM
Lewis County
Burn ban on - Gas and charcoal grills and small cooking fires are allowed. Land clearing and yard waste burns are NOT allowed.
Effective 09/23/2023 12:01 AM
DNR Pierce County
All debris burning on DNR jurisdiction is prohibited. This includes rule burning and permit burning. Campfires are allowed in approved, designated campgrounds only.
Effective 09/27/2023 12:01 AM
DNR Lewis County
All debris burning on DNR jurisdiction is prohibited. This includes rule burning and permit burning. Campfires are allowed in approved, designated campgrounds only.
Effective 09/27/2023 12:01 AM
Gifford Pinchot NF/USFS
No fire restrictions in effect
Effective 10/03/2023 12:01 AM
Air Quality
No Burn Ban
Effective 12/29/2020 03:08 PM
More Info: (360) 569-2752
Updated: 10/03/2023 10:00 AM by SRB

Are you able to make decisions confidently?
Do you possess good communication and listening skills?
Are you an honest, ethical person, with integrity?
Are you a flexible, open-minded person, able to learn from experiences?
Are you a person with a plan, but flexible in dynamic, rapidly evolving situations?
Are you at ease with all types of people?
Are you willing to stop what you are doing to answer a call for help?

Are you ready to become part of our team?

Pierce 23 Fire and Rescue is always looking for committed volunteers who wish to serve their community as a trained first responder. Being a volunteer firefighter is an exciting job that comes with lots of satisfaction, camaraderie and experience. Volunteer personnel respond to calls for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all kinds of weather and conditions. We are looking for people who have demonstrated skills and characteristics which include, but are not limited to:

  • Courage, dedication, assertiveness, and above all, a desire to help others in need.
  • High level of professionalism.
  • A solid work ethic.
  • Ability to build and maintain effective working and interpersonal relations with the community, other public safety personnel, subordinates, and superiors.
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing to a diverse audience.
Fire department training

Roles for volunteers include emergency response personnel (Firefighters/EMT's) as well as support personnel. Men and women age 18 and older who are in good physical condition and have the desire to serve as firefighters are eligible to apply for emergency response positions. Anyone age 18 or over may apply for and serve in support positions. All applicants must pass a background check and physical exam, provided by the department upon acceptance.

Volunteers with Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue do not need any prior fire or emergency service experience. Volunteers will attend weekly drills and other training classes (such as EMT training and Firefighter academy, driver/operator, water rescue, as well as other advanced training), and will be provided with all necessary equipment by the department.

Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue does not have paid or career positions available.

Still Interested?

If you would like to join our team, please contact us here, or stop by our Headquarters Station. We look forward to hearing from you!